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COSMarketing Agency services has specialized, affordable streamline services to offer.

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Then we send you documentation to fill out and sign. After that, w
e send you an invoice and we begin our work together.

All plans are on a six-month basis

5% tax is not included in streamlined service options below and will be built into each invoice

All packages below are individualized but can be combined

Consulting (Standard)

Consulting (Advanced)



FB Group Page Outreach

Graphic Design


Marketing Research


All proposed plans are on a six-month basis.

All content will be uploaded and shared via Google Drive.

All packages above are individualized but can be combined.

Anything outside of what is listed above is an additional cost.

Revisions exceeding 1 hour of work will incur an additional cost

Any calls/video chats related to the above packages that run more than 15 minutes over the allotted time will be billed $50 for each additional 30 minutes.