21 November 2018

Spooky Empire has quickly become a mainstay in the horror community. This Orlando, FL convention is joined by celebrities and attendees from all over the world. Widely considered a must attend in the convention scene, we had high expectations from Spooky Empire 2018.

Spooky Empire put on an even bigger and better show than last year with THOUSANDS in attendance. The convention has over 200 vendors and artists, all of which were very down to earth and approachable. We interviewed several of them at the event as well!

The con also has great panels and chances to see new and up and coming films as well as horror classics. The event also had an after-party, a zombie walk, tattoo artists, celebrity signings, and meet-ups during this non-stop weekend of horrors. The options at Spooky Empire make it especially good for those who want “more bang for their buck.” Those who have a hard time choosing what to attend at a convention when there are a lot of options will have a hard time making a choice. Our crew especially enjoyed talking to the cosplayers. If you attend the event next year and do anything we recommend going to the meet-ups or celebrity signings to meet like minded people!

Our team members Josiah Wilmot and Dillon Ercolano attended the event Saturday. Dillon wrote an assessment about his impression of the event. With it being his first time attending we were very excited about what he thought:

“Spooky Empire was one of the best experiences I have ever had the pleasure of being a part of. When I first stepped onto the property the entire place exuded with what’s to be expected from a place filled with ghosts, killers, and all things Spooky! There were all kinds of vehicles ranging from small cars to giant Mad Max looking vehicles from different respective movies. Upon entering you got to see a slew of cosplayers and fans alike walking up and down the lobby, taking pictures and attending the numerous amounts of convention panels. Each panel held something interesting and well said by many of the different panelists many of whom were celebrities from their own respective movies, shows, and series. It was so invigorating to have them meet up with their fans and talk with them on a personal level. As I continued my way through the convention halls I was greeted by all the booths maintained and operated by such warm passionate individuals. All of them shared with me and my friends their dreams and ambitions as they showed off the wares they had to offer. I was blown away by the amount of sheer creativity everyone brought with them from their sides of the world. Over all I would say that Spooky empire was just a resounding success and I look forward to coming back next year for more. This is one horror experience I never want to end.”