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Social Media Marketing

The digital marketing landscape is dominated by social media. With so many people engaging via social media outlets, it is an important part of any marketing strategy and a great way to engage with current clients while attracting new ones.

Social media marketing builds brand awareness to help you reach your ultimate business goals.


  • Establish Comprehensive Brand Identity Online
  • Unique Reach thousands of potential clients on multiple sites
  • hare unique content to stand out from your competitors

What Does Social Media Marketing Include?

Facebook/Instagram (FB/IG) Content & Social Page Management & Group Page Outreach

  • FB/IG Still Posts

All planning, editing, copy, scheduling, and post-management included for all options presented here

All unique content specially made for your company for all options presented here

We will not reuse or recycle content from another company and will only make custom-tailored content for your company.

  • FB/IG Video Posts

Create more online engagements w/ video.

All videos are under 1-min long to attract the most attention

Videos also include script editing, music, & voiceover for each video we well

Music in these videos comes with its own license (you will own the rights to the music)


  • FB/IG Story Posts

Reel Posts/Story Posts “Pinned” to IG home page included:

This includes the story album cover editing & launch

  • Includes Facebook group page posts

Share your branded content with a much wider audience.

We only target FB groups in your preferred demographic and location radius.

Your Facebook posts will be shared multiple times a month.

YouTube Content Creation & Social Page Management

  • YouTube Video posts

All planning, editing, copy, scheduling, & post-management included

Monitored monthly by our team w/ regular reports sent to you.

All-time spent scripting, editing, planning, and managing by our team included.

Social Media Strategy Consulting


Already social media savvy? We can provide you with new ideas and approaches for your business growth and development through your social media marketing strategy.

We’ll analyze your social media presence to help you to make the most of Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest.


  • Expand and elaborate on your social media presence
  • Learn how to create an optimum social media strategy
  • Learn more cost-effective use of social media outlets

What Does Social Media Strategy Consulting Include?

Work one on one directly with an expert at COSMarketing Agency

  • Social Media and Digital Marketing Coaching

Learn the ins and outs of social media, online marketing creation, managing an online campaign, how to advertise online, building and maintenance of your online presence, and more.

We cover as many topics related to social media and online advertisement (that pertain to your company) as needed.

Includes One to Three 30-Min Meetings Per Month

  • Calls or Video Chats:

Video calls will come with a recording sent to your preferred email

An email report for each meeting is included.