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COSMarketing Agency services offer a wide range of options to meet all your digital marketing needs. We custom design our plans to accommodate your budget as well as your business model. You can hire our team for any of our available services to fit you best.

Our one-on-one consultations build stable relationships because we put our customers first.

COSMarketing Agency provides you with expert customer service and high-quality work to achieve your goals. Our team will make your business visible on all social media outlets and search engines, including Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Google, Yahoo, Bing, and more.
We can provide you customized campaigns geared toward lead generation and/or branding.

All unique content made for your company.
We will not reuse or recycle content from another company and will only make custom-tailored content.
All-time spent scripting, editing, planning, and managing by our team included.

Our plans and prices are customized for your by-products, availability, the scope of work, how many services you purchase, and contract length
(Our standard agreements work on a 6 month basis).

COSMarketing Services


Social media dominates the digital marketing landscape. With so many people engaging via social media outlets, it is an essential part of any marketing strategy and a great way to engage with current clients while attracting new ones. Social media marketing builds brand awareness to help you reach your ultimate business goals.


  • Unique Reach thousands of potential clients on multiple sites
  • Establish Comprehensive Brand Identity Online
  • hare unique content to stand out from your competitors

services - social media stategy consulting
  • Social Media Strategy Consulting:
Already social media savvy? We can provide you with new ideas and approaches for your business growth and development through your social media marketing strategy. We’ll analyze your social media presence to help you to make the most of Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest.


  • Learn how to create an optimum social media strategy
  • Expand and elaborate on your social media presence
  • Learn more cost-effective use of social media outlets

  • Website Development, Design, & Hosting:
Your website is your online storefront. It’s the first point of contact a potential client will make with you. No business can do without a website - and its design and maintenance are essential. Our team will help you create a custom website in full compliance with Google search requirements, good SEO practices, and usability on all platforms including computers, tablets, & smartphones.


  • Customizable to your business and your clients
  • Links to search on a secure platform
  • Worry-free compliance and maintenance
Website Development Services Orlando

Video Marketing Orlando
  • Digital Design & Video Marketing:

Our Agency can create logos, banners, announcements, flyers, brochures, ads, and more. Our expert graphic designers will work with you to get the custom look and feel that’s unique to your business to set you apart from your competitors.


  • Customized, one-on-one service during the design process
  • Creative and effective image design
  • Online and printable digital design options

  • Blogging:

Content is key! To help keep your website fresh and appear in relevant web searches organically, blogging is important. Our writers create blogs using relevant keyword phrases to both increase searchability and engage your audience on topics important to you and your business.


  • Regular website updates and search benefits
  • Fresh content to keep your audience engaged
  • Cost-effective SEO
Blogging Services Orlando

Ad Campaigns Orlando
  • Ad Generation:

Advertising online via social media, banner ads, and more is essential. Our content creators will work with you to produce customized static or dynamic ads to meet all your needs. We can build a campaign around any product, service, or event.


  • Increase lead generation
  • Online product and service visibility
  • Monthly reporting to maximize value

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) & Keyword Analysis
To rank at the top of searches on Google, Bing, and Yahoo - Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is essential to small businesses. SEO is how web pages, video content, photos, and all your online presence gets ranked. Optimization increases your relevance and ranking on search engines. Keywords are the common words and phrases used in searches - and having the right ones makes all the difference. SEO and keyword analysis increase how people find you.


  • Establish higher ranking on search engines
  • Stand out from your competition (local & national)
  • Long-term relevance & growth potential
SEO Services Orlando

Email Marketing Orlando
  • Email Marketing and Automation:

Email marketing remains a reliable means of reaching your target audience. The COSMarketing Agency team can run multiple email campaigns for your different targeted groups. Automation saves time and money. Email marketing and management is an essential tool for any products or services of your small business.


  • Reach specific demographics and geographic areas
  • Provide special offers and incentives
  • Fast and effective opportunities

  • Google My Business (GMB) & Search Engine Ad Campaigns:

Google is not just a search engine. It’s a go-to destination online. Google ad campaigns can help increase your search rankings – and can be surprisingly cost-effective. They can create new leads and provide useful data to increase ad efficiency. Your Google My Business (GMB) identity provides a comprehensive location to connect you digitally and physically with potential clients.


  • Outrank your competition and get people reaching out to you
  • Search engine ad campaigns can also be established on Yahoo & Bing
  • GMB provides a complete physical and digital business footprint
Google My Business Orlando

  • Videography & Photography:

YouTube can get you and your business an incredible amount of notice. Pictures and videos from events can serve multiple promotional purposes. Our professional photographers & videographers use high-quality equipment to perfectly capture your product or event.


  • High-quality advertisement creation
  • Multi-function online usability
  • Capture your events and products for posterity