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7 December 2018

Photo: Basil Solomon

Since CosMarketing Agency started, we have committed all our energy to making small businesses grow throughout the country. Starting out with social media marketing was a game changer for the businesses we worked with, but we knew we wanted to expand our resources to increase the scope of what our marketing tools could do. Our team can now perform a variety of services that will send traffic not just to social media, but directly to an online or physical store front. Our company now designs and implements websites, SEO, digital design, creates ads, creates and manage search engine campaigns, email marketing and automation, and more. Our services are designed to help small businesses compete in an ever growing and changing industry. We stay on top of the trends and provide our businesses with every tool imaginable to create success. But how can our digital marketing tools benefit your business? This article will break down our services and their benefits to small businesses.

Building A Following On Social Media

If you’re a small business owner, you’re constantly looking for new ways to get your company’s brand seen by as many potential customers as possible. Using social media marketing in business is a great way to build engagements with your current customers, as well as attract new ones. It is also the most cost-effective marketing tool in terms of ad dollars. Facebook ads are a fraction of the amount of Google ads, however you will reach a smaller audience on average. Using social media helps build brand awareness and will increase your core customer base however. Studies have shown 90% of marketers say social media is important to their own business.
Marketing through social media is all about quality and consistency. Our team can work with business owners part-time to post and schedule content or we can produce and post all your content in house. We are media geeks and we LOVE creating fresh new content. Relevant social media sites our experts have worked with include Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest.

Ad Creation For Small Business

The growth of social media means every site like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. now provide consumer insights on peoples “likes” and activity. When our company creates ads for customers, we prefer to “boost” them. That means we translate them into ads, at which point we can track the analytics of the post. Social media analytics can be studied by us to learn more about your clientele likes and dislikes. This can be an overwhelming amount of data; however, the software we use to interpret it can provide valuable insight.Social media in part boils down to how you target your audience and how you build a journey to get people to make purchases. We do this through static and dynamic ads. Static ads are flat images that are cost effective to produce for a business daily, but a video ad will garner up to 4 times the amount of engagement.

Professional Website Creation

A website is tied with social media for being the first thing most customers still see when they are looking for businesses like yours in their area. Our websites provide a way for people to not just see your work but stay and browse. Our websites are always mobile friendly and are up to date with current trends. Our goal is to create a website our landing page people will enjoy going to every time.

Search Engine Optimization

SEO, or search engine optimization, is an essential part of a website and is used in all major search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing. This is how web pages, video content, photos, local listings, etc. are ranked based on what the search engine considers to be most “relevant” to its users. Having proper SEO will attract more people who are genuinely interested in the products that you offer. Without SEO your business is essentially non-existent on search engines. No SEO or poorly done SEO could be detrimental to your business, that is why we include SEO in the cost of every website.

Digital Design

Digital design can be used to attract customers to your business and shows your client base what your brand stands for visually. Having the proper look for your brand can be the difference between being contacted or passed over by consumers. Our team creates logos, banners, pamphlets, brochures, business cards, and anything else you need to advertise your company online or in print. We work closely with a print team that can then take our design and print it to your specifications.

Search Engine Campaigns

​Search engine campaigns (especially Google campaigns) are used to reach more people on multiple platforms besides just Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. You’re able to have less limits on what is possible, and we can give customers a lot of more data about their customers while tracking its process. You can set your budget, location, and the demographic you are looking for, or our team can work with you to determine that. When Googling something you typically have seen these ads before at the top of this list.

Email Marketing

Email marketing has remained a tried and true way to nurture leads and turn them into customers. At least 91% of consumers check their email daily, and businesses not using this tool are missing the boat. Those kinds of numbers just can’t be said of any other communication channel. Our team creates email campaigns to let your customers know about sales or incentives you are offering, general product information, or facts that relate to your business and their interests. Customers want to take in information about your products without feeling sold to. Emails are a way to do this with a massive audience and the best part is you never have to write any of the text. We design, write, and automate your entire email system. Your email list is your own personal client list we help you build from the ground up. We lead consumers down a path that starts with discovering your products and becoming members of your community. The idea is this will lead them into purchasing your products, coming back repeatedly as a customer, and sharing your business with their friends. We give you a list every month of who joined your email list along with their contact info, so you can contact the people directly who want your products.​​

Marketing Automation

​Marketing automation is the management of a business’s marketing across multiple campaigns and channels automatically. This allows you to reach on average 3 times as many consumers than even a team can do on their own. This cuts down on costs of production for your company in the long run. This is now being implemented by even the smallest of startups because of how powerful the results can be.


We take a hands-on approach to working with our customers, that is why it’s important to us that our customers have one-on-one time with our experts. We employ people from a variety of fields and backgrounds. Our staff can create a consultation plan for your business where we lend our advice as to how to best reach consumers and you implement it. This is especially good for people on a limited budget or if you are in the conceptual stage of building your startup.

Costume Building

​​Our team can create the simplest skin suits up to complex amour pieces. We can create your own unique design or create a costume from a movie, tv show, or comic of your choice. 3D printed costumes are also now available.
​Our company started in the cosplay and convention industry. Our love of cosplay runs deep, that’s why we are so excited about our costume building services! Our staff designers can work with any type of materials to deliver you or your business top quality costumes. Perfect for cosplayers, entertainers, and anyone looking to make their character dreams a reality. We make all our costumes custom fit to your measurements.

Booking and Scheduling Services

​We are also offering scheduling and booking services for our clients. Booking you or your company for events, meet-ups, and conferences can be overwhelming and very time consuming for most. Our dedicated staff can book qualified individuals for a variety of special events, as well as schedule those daily social media posts, so you don’t have to. The ease of knowing all your content is planned for the week or month frees up time to focus on your talents and what makes you and your team unique.

Through CosMarketing Agency we have developed an array of tools that are a complete game changer for businesses. The best part is that these are online tools, so we can lend our expertise to anyone in the country. Big or small, your business matters! Contact us at 407-334-9378 or to set up a FREE consultation with one of our staff to discuss which of our services are right for your business.

NOTE: CosMarketing Agency plans can be fully customized to meet your business needs, but here is a guide to plans customers typically have chosen to create with us in the past:

Typical Plans:

START-UP: Perfect for start-ups or businesses needing a new look
PRO: For businesses wanting to take their brand further
ELITE: Especially for businesses who want to fast track their success

  • Logo Creation
  • FB Banner Creation
  • Landing Page Creation
  • SEO Start Up
  • Part Time Facebook or Instagram Management
  • Website Monitoring
  • SEO Monitoring
  • Full Time Social Media Management (1 Account)
  • Monthly Video & Still Ad Creation
  • Monthly Email Marketing Campaign
  • Website Monitoring/Blog
  • SEO Monitoring
  • Full Time Social Media Management (Up to 2 Accounts)
  • Monthly Video & Still Ad Creation (For Each Account)
ELITE (includes pro):
  • Includes extra social media account management
  • Monthly Email Marketing Campaign
  • Google Campaign Management
Pricing Estimate:
START-UP: $499.99 and up
PRO: $549.99 and up
ELITE: $699.99 and up
+ Other service can be added to any plan at an extra cost.