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COSMarketing Agency was founded by Orlando, Florida resident Katrina Tecxidor (also known in the entertainment community as GeekUnique Cosplay) to fill a niche she felt was underserved – the small business community.


Prior to creating COSMarketing Agency, Katrina had 10 years of experience in sales, networking, and communications. After beginning to actively work in the marketing industry, Katrina could see just how difficult it was for small businesses to grow online. What could she do to help?

Like the superheroes saving the day that she admired from her entertainment community work - COSMarketing Agency was born! COSMarketing Agency offers fully customizable service options to meet the wide range of social media, online, and digital needs specific to small businesses.

COSMarketing Agency’s goal is to deliver the best digital marketing options to meet the needs of any small business. Our services are as diverse as our clients, offering options across multiple platforms to best suit their goals and meet their growth objectives.

Whether it's greater engagement, advertising, sales, or increased brand recognition – or all of the above – our variety of services allows COSMarketing Agency to scale our pricing to fit the budget and needs of ANY small business!

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Our Team

Our team members are dedicated, career-focused individuals who are passionate about what they do. Our team understands the unique challenges that small businesses face to grow online. Our company employs experts in social media, video editing, Google, automation, website creation, graphic design, copywriting, search engine optimization, blogging, consulting, and more.

COSMarketing Agency’s goal is to deliver high-quality digital marketing options to meet the needs of any small business from start-ups to mid-sized businesses. Our services are as diverse and every single marketing plan and piece of content is uniquely made for each client specifically.

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