5 Reasons Why Your Business Needs to Be on Social Media

18 January 2022

If you do not have your business on social media, it should be!

In today’s world, you really can’t build a solid business footing without having a presence on social media.

There are many different social media sites. The best known and most popular include Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, and especially for business, LinkedIn.

The added presence you gain from being on social media can be great for marketing, brand recognition, and staying current with your audience in multiple ways.

5 Reasons to Be on Social Media

Here are 5 reasons why your business needs to be on Social Media.

1. It Increases Brand Awareness

Your brand is important to your business because it is what sets you apart from so many other businesses. It’s your identity and your unique approach to whatever your business model is.

Without having a unique brand identity and awareness of it, there would be a lot more cookie-cutter businesses in the world. And how does that let anyone make themselves stand out from the crowd?

Brand awareness creates:

  • Confidence
  • Allows business owners and customers to share values
  • Attracts talent
  • Produces consistency
  • Shows customers loyalty
  • Allows customer recognition
  • Creates brand equality

All of these make your brand unique and desirable to your clients.

2. Increases Website Traffic

By having business profiles on social media, you can increase website traffic. One of the best ways to get your business found online is your social media presence.

People visit your social media profiles for many different reasons. But sometimes, what they are looking for is a legit, complete webpage where they can get more complete and detailed information. Just being on social media adds another level of connectivity that can majorly benefit your business.

3. Generates Leads

Social media provides the opportunity to open your business to an audience that you may not have been targeting otherwise. In 2021, estimates put social media usage at 4.48 billion people. That’s more than half the population of the world!

With that many people out there – why wouldn’t you make use of social media to raise brand awareness and promote your business?

You will be able to generate new leads, which helps you to gain more customers.

4. Allows you to Partner with Influencers

Influencers are a hot marketing trend. Influencers are normal people who use word-of-mouth for advertising. They are one person who is encouraging hundreds to thousands of other people to like what they like and buy what they buy.

This is done via images, videos, and other organic posts that emphasize a given product and its benefits.

Influencers have developed a large following on social media platforms - which means they can help your business build a whole new client base.

5. Promotes Content

Social media is a great way to get content like blogs, videos, infographics, and more into the world. You can even sell your products on all social media just by marketing your business that way.

It’s simple and easy. But it can take time and effort that you might prefer to hire someone like CosMarketing Agency to handle.

Social media is very helpful when it comes to business because it allows you to reach a whole new audience - while also reaching out to your current customer base.

Finally, social media has different options so that you can stay engaged with your clients. Beyond regular posting of images, stories, videos, and the like, you can run contests, show promotions, show off discounts, and even chat with your customers or new potential customers live.

If you are not using social media to promote and grow your business or to develop greater brand recognition - reach out to CosMarketing Agency today! Text or call - or send us an email!

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